Heart Rate Training Zones

Zone 150-64% MaxHR


Zone to be in when doing recovery rides - helps to flush muscles between more intense training sessions.

Zone 265-74% MaxHR

Aerobic base

Use this zone to build up your aerobic base fitness.

Zone 375-84% MaxHR

Aerobic endurance

Builds an increase in muscle glycogen storage. 'No mans land' too fast for aerobic base building, too slow for raising VO2MAX and lactate threshold.

Zone 485-91% MaxHR


Strength endurance training level. Typically used in interval training.

Zone 592-100% MaxHR

VO2 Max

Increases VO2MAX. Short very intense intervals.

*Max HR calculation is based on Tanaka H, Monahan K. D, Seals D. R., (2001) Age-predicted maximal heart rate revisited.
MaxHR = 208 - 0.7 * Age.